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Empire At War Remake: Galactic Civil War

This mod catapults Empire at War into 2077. It maintains the game’s design philosophy, while adding new units, better graphics, and deeper gameplay.

This is the mods discord server, where people talk about the mod, star wars related matters and other random stuff, everyone is welcome!: Discord.gg

Support my livestream, where we do a lot of modelling, texturing, and also modding, over at: Patreon.com !

Very special thanks to all contributors who over the years have allowed me to include their great work in the mod:
– EmperorNiko the Hand of the Dutchman for all of his amazing help over the years (code, text, ai, models, so much more) not just with the Remake mod, but with Old Republic at War back in the day,
– Megabalta with the mindblowing particles, textures, and projectile collaborations
– Enpremi the Hypeforger with the new and exciting ways to bend this engine into shapes it wasn’t meant to,
– His brother, Seregruth, for equally amazing Vong unit models and textures,
– Farseer and Warb_Null for being ever kind and willing to share content (models, textures, shaders),
– Arvis for all our great collaborations on models and textures,
– the Awakening of the Rebellion team, Steiner & Co who always offer great talk, ideas, and content such as planet textures,
– Wolf 2.0 for his great model and texture work on the Sabaoth destroyer,
– Maxim and ThatOneBullet for all the sound advice on script related matters and otherwise,
– Elratie and Doci, for being perpetually awesome, the modelling and texturing excellence duo, creating content that makes me feel happy inside when looking at it, for all the great models and textures and sharing them with the mod with rebel units such as the Assault frigate MK II and textures on almost all Imperial ships,
– Beta520 with his amazing Mandator II (Bellator) model and texture, and many more textures such as the – – Nova cruiser and Torpedo sphere,
– .Pox and Kad Venku, for being always open to questions and requests for help, and your layer z script making ships spawn at multipe heights,
– EvilBobTheBob for the extensive new ground maps and amazing #BobShading shaders,
– Gaukler for his shader work,
– Corey and the Thrawn’s Revenge team for putting up with so much shit while staying willing to share model and texture work,
– Maxloef for his great models and textures (MC 80)
– EvilleJedi for allowing Empire at War mods to use his free release ships from the very start of our community,
– CloneTrooper for all his great ground unit models, textures and animations, ported from various other SW games,
– Dolynick for his wonderful corellian unit skins and Viscount texture.
– Bobbtmann for his ridiculously high quality Home One model and textures,
– Garrus for his atmosphere effect ideas,
– Thomas for his redos of old models and textures,
– FractalSponge for inspiring so many great models,
And all the great people who have played the mod over the years.

Download now

Find out more here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/empire-at-war-re/downloads/eaw-remake-patch-35-full-build

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