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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

More than two years after 1.4.22 and one and a half years after 1.5 R6, it is most certainly time to explain what has been going on.

A bit of story time first about what am I even doing and how did I end up here. All the way back in May 2017, I was digging around the Bitbucket repository and found a mirror leading to the in-development version. After playing around with that for some time, I started reporting bugs and other issues. Seeing how some were not resolved, I decided to make some changes myself. Right around this time it was already August with the release of the first 1.5 beta versions and me digging around in the game, having all kinds of ideas. This lead to the last version of the original 1.5, R4. After that, things changed. I was suddenly part of the team working on gameplay balance related changes, which can be seen in a horrible state in R6. Here is where everything went wrong. It turned out later, that I joined in either the best or worst time. Development was right about to be stopped by Alundaio, who didn’t want to work on the mod anymore. With me joining, I became the fresh source of power, trying to keep going. It was going fine for a surprisingly long amount of time, but then nearly everybody had to take longer and longer breaks. What I did in the end is completely ruin the development by going off track, trying to completely redo major parts of the game.

All that lead to the current state. Development paused back in the end of July 2018 with some small activity spikes up until around October. I took my own long break, also waiting and hoping people will come back. Without team lead and our C++ programmer, I tried to change the engine under the mod with the help from a Russian team, to one that uses mid July 2018 Open X-Ray as a base, which is 64 bit. It wasn’t very successful to say the least.

So, what next? Well, the mod needs manpower in order to be continued. Mainly C++ and LUA programmers, but anything helps, even writers and good QA. If you can help, leave some information about what you can do in the comments. If you know someone, please send them our way.

Update: I can no longer promise any activity from my end. After many years with stalker, I have to start making major changes in life, which will not leave enough time for a project this big.

The last in-development builds: 32 bit from October 2018 | crashy 64 bit from February 2019

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support!

Find out more here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/call-of-chernobyl

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