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GTA: Underground 4.1.7 is now available!

Today we released a new update that will mark the end of the Snapshot 4 branch.

This past month we worked hard on improving the quality of UG-MP by working closely with server developers and testers on fixing crashes and common bugs, however our main feature of this update is our brand new installer – the solution to most of the installation problems and errors that plagued newcomers to UG.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 4.1.7

The Installer

You will now have the ability to easily install GTA: Underground using our brand new standalone installer, It comes with 11 supported languages including Spanish, Franch, Russian, Dutch, German and more. The installer is able to install not only your game, but also any dependencies you will need in order to run GTA: Underground. In addition, the installer offers a built-in downgrader that can automatically downgrade your game version if you are using the Steam or Rockstar Games launcher version of GTA: San Andreas – as these versions are known to be incompatible with GTA: Underground.
This version is FULLY STANDALONE and you do not need any previous versions to play it, you can simply use the installer on a clean San Andreas installation and that’s it!

Stability fixes, crash fixes and more

As mentioned before, we worked closely with server developers and testers to make sure we cover all of the known crashes and bugs that are hurting the experience of the players – known crashes such as the radar legend crash and the opcode warnings are now fixed. We also fixed numerous UG-MP synchronization problems, such as vehicle colours not persisting after installing them in a mod shop and not being able to roll up windows again after rolling them down earlier (all vehicles will appear to have no windows) In addition to all of these: Numerous map improvements have been made such as fixed collisions in Vice City and restored water in missing spots, updated radar map and a bunch more.

QoL (Quality of Life) updates to the UG-MP launcher

The UG-MP launcher has also received a few updates: You can now add a server to the favorites tab by its hostname and the launcher now has a new server preferences feature which allows you to save your server password, RCON password, and your nickname. We will continue making these little quality of life updates to make our launcher more comfortable and usable by everyone. Some ideas on the table for future updates right now include making the launcher multi-language – meaning you will have the ability to switch languages if you feel like doing so, as well as fixing the problems surrounding using domain names to connect to servers.

Will there be an auto updater?

Something that a lot of people have requested lately is a proper auto updater. Unfortunately, Snapshot 4.1.7 does not come with one, however it has been on the table for a future update for some time now. We don’t have any concrete plans to introduce it in, say, Snapshot 4.2, nor any other future update. This doesn’t mean we will never make one, though. The primary issue(s) holding us back are bandwidth and server availability. UG’s updates are often larger than one gigabyte, so the download speed must be good, even if a lot of people wish to update their game. Furthermore, we would absolutely have to make sure the servers are available 24/7 – we don’t want players to be unable to download one update just because the servers are down for whatever reason. The Snapshot 4 release is still in fresh memory after all…

The Future

As said, Snapshot 4.1.7 is going to be the last update on the Snapshot 4 branch. This means that we are going to focus on larger updates that hopefully will come later this year. The first of these will be Snapshot 4.2 – which is a larger update which may take several months to complete. We have always said that we wanted to return to more frequent updates by the time we released Snapshot 4 – and Snapshot 4.2 would just be the first big one.

A DL feature

Even before UG:MP’s initial release we wanted to have a DL feature similar to the one in SA:MP and since it’s one of the most highly requested features, we will focus on bringing our own version of DL to UG:MP for Snapshot 4.2. In other words, giving server developers the ability to add their own custom models and maps into the game, and have the client download & play on them. As for that, we have huge plans. There’s still lots of unannounced stuff in development and brand new ideas are popping up every day – currently we are still experimenting with these ideas so stay tuned! we have a lot in store to show you soon.


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Find out more here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/gta-underground

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