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C&C Generals Evolution: Beta 0.2 Released!

After 10 days of hard work since initial release Beta 0.2 is finally out.

What’s up?

We’ve spent couple of days since initial release to patch things up and fix some critical issues, this is a last “quick-patch” for a while, 0.3 will take some time.

Let’s get into details.

First of all, thank you for your overwhelming support! It’s always extremely humbling to see people talk, appreciate and write articles about your work, thanks to people on our Discord server for bug reports and bug hunting, also thanks to all the C&C Generals/ZH streamers for getting word out and play testing 0.1. Special thanks for all the video game news outlets for picking it up too, one of my naive unobtainable goals is to actually let whats left of EALA/C&C Remaster team know that there’s a lot of people who’re still interested and invested into C&C games, especially Generals, which really deserves proper remaster. C&C means a lot to us all and there’s definitely a market for old school kind of RTS games without layers of micro transactions, any weird moba mechanics and 15 kinds of resources/ground control type of things. In any rate, I digress.

So, let’s see changelog for the 0.2.



  • ● Added more hashes for better compatibility with Origin ( 13F3E041, 75DA0A02, D3D7E1F7, 3155CCEF and 2EA7E048 )
  • ● Fixed issue related to “Missing language pack” message.

Code :

  • ● Proper EVA voice line for when supply dock is empty.
  • ● Fixed Scorpion tank not getting junk repair upgrade.
  • ● Fixed Toxin truck doing too much damage.
  • ● Removed build limit from China Dozer.
  • ● Added missing language strings to Laser Comanche and China Supply Truck.
  • ● Fixed misplaced language strings for Supwerweapon and Airforce General.
  • ● Fixed Laser Patriot damage against infantry.
  • ● Removed ability to build Advanced Nuclear Reactor.
  • ● Laser Comanche is now exclusive to Laser General.
  • ● Missile Defender Laser lock now only targets aircraft and vehicles.
  • ● You can now use offensive Support Powers in shrouded areas, except cluster mines.
  • ● Support Powers Shroud Clearing Beacon is now invisible and AI won’t attempt to dodge it.
  • ● Fixed America Supply Truck always visible boxes issue.
  • ● Fixed Engineers giving Heroic level Veterancy after kill.
  • ● Comanches now use their missiles only against vehicles and structures.
  • ● Fixed stinger site getting affected by Toxins.
  • ● Radar Van now has IGNORES_SELECT_ALL flag.
  • ● Added ability to build Command Center from Worker.
  • ● Tweaked price of Dozer/Worker buildable Command Centers.
  • ● Changed recruitment lines of Missile Defender, Tunnel Defender, Raptor, Stealth Fighter and Aurora Bomber.
  • ● Changed recruitment lines of MiG, Battlemaster, Gattling Tank, Dragon Tank, Troop Crawlers, Inferno Cannon, ECM Tank, Nuke Cannon, Overlords.
  • ● Fixed AI controlled Rangers constantly playing weapon change animation.
  • ● Laser Paladin now requires General Promotion unlock, just like normal Paladin.
  • ● You can no longer build more than one SCUD Storm.
  • ● Fixed Emperor Overlord Gattling Cannon firefx and tracer position.
  • ● Fixed Nuke Cannon unable to attack structures and force fire.
  • ● Removed “High Technology Upgrade Authorized” RA3 EVA line from unit unlocks.
  • ● Fixed Battle Bus and Assault Troop Crawler not moving to engage.
  • ● All units should engage at a larger distance now.
  • ● Fixed Humvee broken turret without TOW upgrade.
  • ● Mines now have CLEARED_BY_BUILD flag.
  • ● Nuke Cannon targeting decal now only shows for local player.
  • ● Fixed language strings for SCUD Launcher and Nuke Cannon.
  • ● Point Defence Lasers for Avenger, Paladin Tank and Laser Paladin are slightly more reliable, but still bad.
  • ● Fixed Spy Drone Health and Vision/Shroud clearing ranges.
  • ● SCUD Launcher Missile no longer tracks targets.
  • ● America Firebase weapon shell now tracks and homes in on slow moving targets.
  • ● Black Napalm MiG now deals proper damage.
  • ● Barracks will now heal infantry, just like in Generals/ZH.
  • ● Infantry won’t be able to attack from Tunnel Network and Sneak Attack anymore.
  • ● Reworked Aurora logic, it will now slow down ( by 50% ) after firing its weapon and after 5 seconds will re-initialize into supersonic mode.
  • ● Fixed environment fire props not getting cleared by build.
  • ● Superweapons now damage aircraft units.
  • ● China Power Plant now explodes into nuclear explosion, just like in Generals.
  • ● Technical and normal Troop Crawler passengers will die on transport death due to engine limitations.
  • ● Fixed Nuke Cannon dealing double damage.
  • ● Nuke Cannon no longer damages nearby units/structures on death.
  • ● Avenger PDL’s no longer attack infantry.
  • ● Aurora bomb no longer tracks targets.
  • ● Added proper Formation Preview models for all buildable aircraft.
  • ● Fixed Formation Preview models for Overlord and Emperor to show their upgrades.
  • ● EMP Patriots don’t instakill Special Powers aircraft anymore.
  • ● Improved line of sight for Nuke Cannon and SCUD Launcher.
  • ● Fixed typos in bunch of unit/structure language strings.
  • ● Added proper language strings to toggles between rifles and flashbang/molotovs.
  • ● Removed “Heroic” projectile and impact fx effects from GLA units with Salvage upgrades.
  • ● Worker Builders no longer grant big amount of experience.
  • ● Hopefully fixed inconsistent Bomb Truck and Car Bomb damage, Bomb Trucks will often drive inside structures and explode.
  • ● Ranger can now attack buildings with flash bangs ( for garrison clear ability to function properly ), that includes faction structures, but they won’t do any damage against them.
  • ● Added America Spy Satellite and Radar Van Scan support powers.
  • ● Added Propaganda effect range decal visual to Speaker Tower.
  • ● Particle Cannon Beam now aims for center of the target, instead of stopping near it when given command to attack specific target.
  • ● Added missing DamageFX to Mines.


  • ● Fixed invisible fonts issue.
  • ● Changed icons for Scud/Katyusha and Paladin/Laser Paladin unlocks in Promotions Menu.


  • ● AI will now attempt to use Particle Cannon, sometimes fruitlessly.
  • ● Fixed AI controlled Engineer behaviour.
  • ● Major AI tweaks.


  • ● Brought back faction main infantry unit base attack/building stolen lines, instead of generic EVA lines.
  • ● Burning ambient sounds are a lot quieter now.
  • ● Nuke Cannon explosion sound has higher priority.
  • ● MOAB Explosion is louder and has higher priority.

Balance :

  • ● Supply Dock capacity doubled ( 60.000$ ), Supply Truck carrying capacity is now 700$ ( was 600 ).
  • ● Fixed broken GLA and China Supply Truck carrying capacity.
  • ● Red Guard price and build time halved.
  • ● Supply Drop Zone now gain 25$ per 2s and you can build 6 of them max.
  • ● Internet Center will gain 80$ per 1.8s, that equals to 8 hackers with rank 3 inside, you can only build two of them
  • ● Black Market gains 20$ per 2s and you can build 6 of them max, use Cash Bounty for extra income.
  • ● Fixed wrong Nuclear Missile Silo health, price and build time values.
  • ● Units will now heal after Elite status, instead of just Heroic. They now heal at the same rate as in Generals.
  • ● Helix Gattling Cannons rebalanced to match Generals values.
  • ● Oil Derrick now works as in Generals.
  • ● Overlord and Helix upgrade attachment system completely reworked, you can now use special power ( available after building War Factory or Air Field ) to upgrade them.
  • ● America/China War Factory and GLA Arms Dealer now have passive healing aura that repairs nearby ground vehicles.
  • ● America/China Air Field now have passive healing aura that repairs nearby air units.
  • ● Fixed SCUD Storm reload timer ( now 5m reload time ).
  • ● Cash Bounty reload timer halved ( was 4 minutes, now 2 ).
  • ● Quad Cannon now has proper ground and air ranges.
  • ● Completely reworked Bomb Truck, you can now attach HE Bomb and Bio Bomb upgrades through special power, removed disguise ability because it was confusing to new players.
  • ● Moved upgrades from Tech Centers ( Propaganda Center, Strategy Center and Palace ) into multiple structures like in original game.

Maps :

  • ● Fixed performance degradation after playing for 20-40 minutes of play.
  • ● Fallen Empire: minor lighting fix.
  • ● Autumn Garden: totally reworked and rebalanced.
  • ● Homeland Alliance: fixed props preventing GLA worker to build.
  • ● Frozen Pipeline: added Observation Posts on high ground, added fence with proper collision around oil derricks.
  • ● Tournament Desert: minor lighting and terrain fixes.
  • ● Armored Fury: minor lighting fix.
  • ● Tournament Island: minor lighting fix.
  • ● Naval Yard: MAJOR lighting fix.
  • ● Defcon 6: New map.


  • ● Cleaned up Particle Cannon hit effect flare texture, less color banding.
  • ● Fixed helicopter air explosion fireball FX.
  • ● Less particles on rocket trails.
  • ● Removed misleading Speaker Tower particle effect from Propaganda Center.

New Maps!

Here’s brand new 0.2 addition – remake of Defcon 6, popular FFA map from Zero Hour, sgor00 also reworked Autumn Garden, new layout, better performance and fixed issues!

[ Generals Evolution ] Beta 0.2
[ Generals Evolution ] Beta 0.2
[ Generals Evolution ] Beta 0.2
[ Generals Evolution ] Beta 0.2

Future plans?

Right now? Rest. Working on this project was nothing but copious amount of stress, I had to sacrifice pretty much every ounce of my free time, even decline freelance job offers just to finish this thing ( I think it’s a “me” problem at this point ), sgor00 also had to work daily on huge amount of art assets burning his retinas out looking at textures. I think we deserve a bit of rest, which means we won’t be able to assist you with any issues you’re going to have with this project. When we’re back from our hiatus here’s list of things we’d want to see tended and polished.

Brand new things we want to see:

– Add missing units like chinooks and faction specific units like King Raptor.
– More infantry units, we currently have only basic infantry in the mod.
– Some sort of short disjointed single-player campaign.
– Couple of CO-OP missions.
– Brand new Skirmish maps.

Things we’d need to polish:

– All Faction Structures.
– SkirmishAI needs a complete rewrite and overhaul.
– Polish existing units, fix their issues to our best abilities.
– More differences between generals/subfactions.
– Tune up performance where possible.
– Refactor huge pieces of code to be more efficient.
– VFX work, things like Nuclear Missile were super rushed, and it shows.
– More sounds for all things.

Download [ Generals Evolution ] Beta 0.2 ( QUICKFIX ) – Mod DB

How can you help?

If you wish to show your appreciation towards project, please consider backing me up on Patreon for one or couple of months. You can also join our Discord server and hang out with sgor00 and other folks, I won’t be there much because I really need to concentrate on my job.

In Conclusion

We’re happy it’s over for time being and we hope you’ll enjoy playing Beta 0.2.

Find out more here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/command-and-conquer-generals-evolution

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