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Edain Mod V4.6

Revisit the battlefields of Middle Earth in V4.6 of the overhaul mod for Battle for Middle-Earth II: Rise of the Witch King

Black Mesa: Classic

Have a look at the engine enhancements utilised by this Half-Life 1 mod and Black Mesa: Source demake


Play the complete edition of the Zandronum WAD that turns DOOM II into a fully functional Mortal Kombat 2

PLotR Northern Kingdoms

A new expansion update is out now for the M&B: Warband multiplayer total conversion mod, focused on the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit universe

Last Alliance

Play the latest alpha for the Lord of the Rings themed overhaul mod for Shogun 2

Source Offensive

Check out the latest version (v0.8) for the mod that brings a host of features from CS:GO to Counterstrike Source

RA3 Epic War

Version 3.0 is out now for the C&C: Red Alert 3 overhaul mod, with the latest update containing a host of balance, game mechanic and bug fixes