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May 2021

Crysis Enhanced

Download the definitive edition update for the enhancement mod for the original Crysis

Contra X

Check out the latest news update for the Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour mod

Legends Of Middle-Earth

Learn about the upcoming content expansion update for the long running Middle-Earth themed total conversion mod for Age of Mythology

Hard Core Tactical

A total overhaul mod for Call of Duty 2 that changes the campaign to be a highly challenging experience along with updated graphics

Thunder’s Leaves

Use Combine technology to reclaim the Earth’s resources and to protect the rebels in the story mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two


Check out the latest version for the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars mod

Fall Of The Republic

Fight the epic battles of the Clone Wars as either the Republic or the CIS in the SW Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption mod

Full Invasion 2

Play the new swansong update (v1.3) for the co-op survival mod for M&B: Warband